WWW : www stands for World Wide Web also called as Web in short. Web is an application at the top of internet provides a way of accessing/sharing information through  the medium Internet. It Supports formatted documents and the documents are formatted in a markup language called HTML (Hyper Text… Continue Reading What is World Wide Web (www) ?

In previous post we have seen  simple example for uploading files in ASP.NET. And in this post we will see uploading files of particular type. We have to filter the file type based on its Content Type(MIME type). Here I am discussing about uploading doc/docx files in asp.net. Add a… Continue Reading Uploading MS WORD ( DOC / DOCX ) FILES IN ASP.NET

Sample Output:

SANDBOX DEFINITION: A  SandBox is a security Mechanism.It is a separate or restricted environment created to run untrusted programs or untested code by the third parties. -> It provides a fully controlled environment which restricts the resources for the programs run in it. -> It is mostly used for testing… Continue Reading WHAT IS SANDBOX IN COMPUTER SECURITY TERMS ??

In this post we will see a small example to understand the file upload control in Asp.net. For this take a fileupload control, button controls and a label on form default.aspx, code given below.

And then add a new folder “uploads” to your website. The C# code in the… Continue Reading Simple example for UPLOADING FILES IN ASP.NET

In this post i am posting a simple C# console program to start with ADO.NET. This may help the beginners in understanding the insertion of data into a database from a C# program. Before going for the program create a table in sql server using the following command:

Now… Continue Reading Simple C# program with ADO.NET

STEPS WHILE WORKING WITH SQL SERVER  : -> Step 1: Import the library at the top.

->Step 2: Construct the “Connection” Class object.

-> Step 3: Assign the Connection String. If u are using Windows authentication in Sql Server, then the  Connection string will be like this


Before you go through this post go for the link to know about % operator. -> As % operator cannot used with DOUBLE values, as it generates compile time error, there is a special function ” fmod( ) ” in c. -> fmod( ) return type is double. So, we… Continue Reading How to perform Modulus / Mod operator on double values (OR) FMOD( ) function in C Programming

Syntax of Simple if-else —————————— if(condition) { statement1; statement2; . . . statement n; } else { statement1; statement2; . . . statement n; } Program:

Output: Explanation: In the above program, if statements are executed if the condition is true. otherwise else statements are executed. And else statements are… Continue Reading C Program to implement Simple if else

Syntax of Simple-if —————————- if(condition) { statement1; statement2; . . . statement n; } Simple C Program to understand Simple if:

output: Explanation: In the above program, the control enters into the if block only if the condition is true. And the statement printf(“\n program ends \n\n”); is executed… Continue Reading C Program to implement Simple if statement

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MICROSOFT’S .NET AND SUN’S JAVA : .NET : ->It is cost effective ->Supports Language independency, supports multiple languages . ->Offers IDE as Visual Studio by Microsoft. ->Offers easiest and fastest application development, which indirectly reduces the cost of the software. ->Designing the UI is very much easy with… Continue Reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MICROSOFT’S .NET AND SUN’S JAVA

Difference Between Programming Language and Technology: Technology is developed for a particular purpose..For example, For development of web related applications, you have technology called “ASP.NET”. For development of DataBase related applications, we have another technology called “ADO.NET” . But the Technology, doesn’t offer any specific rules for writing the programs. But… Continue Reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE AND TECHNOLOGY