In previous posts , i have given a example for simple registration form in , registration form in Asp.Net using 3-tier architecture. And now i am doing the same example(no changes in design) with ADO.NET Entity Data Model, and we will see how we can add Model in normal… Continue Reading Registration Form in ASP.NET using Entity Framework Data Model

In previous posts we have seen  connecting with sql server using ADO.NET, Simple C# program with ADO.NET . In this post we will see a sample windows application with ADO.NET . I am designing the form as shown in the image below. create a table in the database. Here we are… Continue Reading Simple Example to Start With ADO.NET in Windows C#

In this post i am posting a simple C# console program to start with ADO.NET. This may help the beginners in understanding the insertion of data into a database from a C# program. Before going for the program create a table in sql server using the following command:

Now… Continue Reading Simple C# program with ADO.NET

STEPS WHILE WORKING WITH SQL SERVER  : -> Step 1: Import the library at the top.

->Step 2: Construct the “Connection” Class object.

-> Step 3: Assign the Connection String. If u are using Windows authentication in Sql Server, then the  Connection string will be like this


ADO.NET INTRODUCTION The Projects/Applications we develop is mainly divided into two main categories. They are 1) Front-End 2) Back-End . Actually why we need back-end is, the front end application itself cannot store the data permanently. So, we require a storage mechanism, and these storage mechanisms are nothing but the… Continue Reading ADO.NET ( ActiveX Data Objects.Net )