C# program to print sum of series 1+2+3+….+n original post

Sample Output: For C Program:  C program to print sum of series 1+2+3+..+n  

Output:   original post


Sample Output:   Explanation : In the above program the function static public int Add(int a,int b) , we are declaring function as Static . Because, c# is a Object Oriented Programming Language. And in OOP language, a function can be called… Continue Reading C# PROGRAM TO ADD TWO INTEGERS USING METHOD

C# Program To Add Two Numbers/Integers without using Third Variable :

Sample Output:   original post link For C Program : c program to add two numbers without using third variable

C# program to print ASCII Characters original post

Output :  


Output Explanation: Here we are just print in the ASCII symbol of 1 which looks like a smiling face. The ASCII symbol of 2 also looks similar to this  check here

C# program to print love symbol

original post Explanation : Actually here we are printing the ASCII value of 3 . Which gives a love symbol. you can also print directly by writing the following code.Console.Write((char)3); For C program to  print love symbol click here Output:

C# PROGRAM TO PRINT MATRIX IN A SNAIL SHELL WAY original post link: http://csharpsense.blogspot.in/2013/02/c-program-print-multi-dimensional-array.html /**C# PROGRAM TO PRINT MATRIX IN SNAIL SHELL FORMAT**/ //for printing matrix as in the below given format //   1  2  3 4 //  12 13 14 5 //  11 16 15 6 //  10 9… Continue Reading C# PROGRAM PRINT A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ARRAY IN SNAIL SHELL WAY

.NET framework is the software frame work developed by Microsoft. And it came into existence in the year 2000. It provides a large library and Language InterOperability across many programming languages provided by .NET framework. -> It’s not a single language; it‘s a collection of multiple languages and multiple  technologies. That‘s… Continue Reading WHAT IS .NET FRAMEWORK ?

SIMILARITIES BETWEEN JAVA AND .NET : ->  Both are Object oriented programming languages. ->Both use their own intermediate language. Java calls it as byte code and .NET  calls it as MSIL code. ->  Both are platform independent. -> Both support ―Garbage collection‖, which automatically clears the unused memory. ->  Both offer better… Continue Reading Similarities between JAVA and .NET

 In Procedural languages like ‘ C ‘ , all the variables and member functions are defined in a main() method and main() method is called for execution. As main() method is a entry point in a programming language.  The procedural Languages don’t provide any security and reusability. Hence, the object… Continue Reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROCEDURAL PROGRAMMING AND OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING

Definition of a Computer Programming Language. It acts as interface (mediator) between the programmer and the system. It offers programmer, some Rules and Regulations for writing the programs. It also offers some Library, which is required for writing the programs. Obviously, the collection of programs is called a “SOFTWARE“. Some of… Continue Reading What is Computer Programming Languaue

In this post we will see a simple example with listbox . Here we will see how to add values to listbox at runtime . And Multi Select Property of ListBox. And how to copy selected values of listbox to textbox. For this I am designing a form with a… Continue Reading Copy Selected Values of a MultiSelect ListBox to TextBox in C#

Note:  Google Authorship is stopped since Aug 2014. for more details click here Now a days all the bloggers are interested to see their profile picture in google search results. As it increases the traffic to their blogs, and make the readers or visitors to find the blog easily. It… Continue Reading How to display Google+ Profile picture in Google search results


Output1 : Output2 :


  Output 1 : Output2:

C Program to Perform Matrix Addition

Output 1: output 2 :

While i was working with a C# application I got the need of getting all the database names in a ComboBox, I googled and found some queries to get the list of all database names. If you are working on master database, the query will be any one of the… Continue Reading Retrieving List of All DataBases in Sql Server

In this post we will see the textbox validation using KeyPress Event in Windows C# . For this i am taking two textboxes on a form one is  txt_Name and another is  txt_Mobile .  And i am taking one error provider on form. The Form designed as shown in figure… Continue Reading Textbox Validation using KeyPress Event in C#

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