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In previous posts , i have given a example for simple registration form in . And now i am extending the same example to 3-tier. As almost everyone knows what is 3-tier architecture, so here i am not going to write much about 3-tier architecture. If you are not aware… Continue Reading Registration form in Asp.Net / C#.Net winforms using 3-tier architecture

SIMPLE REGISTRATION FORM IN ASP.NET WITH C#.NET and VB.NET In this article we will see a simple registration form in with all client side validations. I am designing a registration form with fields like first name, last name, email, etc,.. and inserting the data into database using insert sql… Continue Reading Simple Registration form in Asp.Net with validations

We can use Regular Expression to validate indian pan card number in textbox . Regular expression for India Pan Card Number


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And then add a new folder “uploads” to your website. The C# code in the… Continue Reading Simple example for UPLOADING FILES IN ASP.NET

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