The Projects/Applications we develop is mainly divided into two main categories. They are 1) Front-End 2) Back-End .

Actually why we need back-end is, the front end application itself cannot store the data permanently. So, we require a storage mechanism, and these storage mechanisms are nothing but the Databases. To store the data from front-end to back-end, means to store the data into database from our front-end application, we need some intermediate mechanism to connect the databases and to perform database activities( insert/update/delete/select data from databases).

-> ADO.NET is “Database Technology”, which is used to connect with data sources. Data sources is nothing but databases.

-> The point to note here is ADO.NET is a technology not a programming language like c#.Net. To understand the difference between Programming language and technology, go for the post Difference between Programming Language and Technology

-> ADO.NET is used for database connections and to perform different database manipulations like inserting data into database  tables, deleting un-neccessary data in a database,update the data and retrieving  data from database.In a Database all the data stored in the form of tables.Tables consists of rows and Columns, it stores only two dimensional data.

->ADO.NET can be used in any type of applications,websites,web services,WCF services etc,.

-> It can be used in any .NET languages like C#.NET, VB.NET, VC++.NET etc, as it is a  part of base class library that is included with the MICROSOFT .NET Framework.

-> It offers the best features to deal with multiple tables in a database.