Note:  Google Authorship is stopped since Aug 2014. for more details click here Now a days all the bloggers are interested to see their profile picture in google search results. As it increases the traffic to their blogs, and make the readers or visitors to find the blog easily. It… Continue Reading How to display Google+ Profile picture in Google search results

original post WordPress is providing a very simple way to post code snippets on your wordpress blog.  It provides a syntax highlighting for the code . Just select Text Option in your post composing window, and  paste your source code between the tags as given below. Example, posting the  csharp… Continue Reading Add / INSERT / POST CODE SNIPPETS ON WORDPRESS BLOG

original post Many of the bloggers don’t know how to post  code in their blogs. They think it is a big task, only experts can do. when i was a beginner in blogging i too thought in the same way. But finally i found out the very simple, and easy… Continue Reading Add / INSERT / POST CODE SNIPPETS ON BLOGGER