In this post, we will see a C program to convert temperature from Celsius(°C) to Fahrenheit(°F) The program accepts the temperature value in °C  from user and convert its value equivalent to °F and display the result on the screen. Step 1: Start Step 2: Read the temperature value in Celcuis Step… Continue Reading C PROGRAM TO CONVERT TEMPERATURE (CELSIUS TO FAHRENHEIT)

# Algorithm and Flowchart for Addition of two numbers # Algorithm and Flowchart for Sum of two numbers In this post, we will see an algorithm and flowchart to add two numbers. It will be applicable to write program in any programming language. Required knowledge: Basics of Algorithm writing and… Continue Reading Algorithm and Flowchart to add two numbers

Learning the operators of the Java programming language is a good place to start. Operators are special symbols that perform specific operations on one, two, or three operands, and then return a result. Increment/Decrement operators: Increment and decrement operators are known as Unary operators. They require only one operand. Increment operator:… Continue Reading Java program for increment and decrement (pre and post)

In this Program the user is asked to enter two numbers. Based on the numbers the division of two numbers is per Algorithm: Step 1: Start. Step 2: Declare variables, say a, b and c. Step 3: c = a/b; Step 4: Display result. Step 5: Stop. Source code:

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In this program user is asked to enter two integers and the sum operation is performed. Source code:

Output: C:\Users\Desktop\new>javac  Add.javaC:\Users\Desktop\new>java Add *** *** << Addition of two numbers without using Third Variable >> Enter first number to be added: 9 Enter Second number to be added: 6… Continue Reading Java Program to add two numbers without using third variable

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