In this post, here is the C# code to convert DataTable to Dictionary. while working with DataSet or DataTable we may need key value pair to get Value by Id approach. So you may need to convert your DataTable to key value type i.e, Dictionary. you can also use Dictionary… Continue Reading DataTable to Dictionary Conversion in C#.Net

Program :

Sample Output : Explanation : In the above program the method static public int Add(int a,int b) , we are declaring method Sum method as Static because Main method is static and we are calling Sum method in Main method without creating object. C# is a Object Oriented Programming Language. And… Continue Reading C# PROGRAM TO ADD TWO NUMBERS / INTEGERS USING METHOD


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  For C Program :  C Program to find the Factorial of Given Number

In this post i am posting a simple C# console program to start with ADO.NET. This may help the beginners in understanding the insertion of data into a database from a C# program. Before going for the program create a table in sql server using the following command:

Now… Continue Reading Simple C# program with ADO.NET