SIMILARITIES BETWEEN JAVA AND .NET : ->  Both are Object oriented programming languages. ->Both use their own intermediate language. Java calls it as byte code and .NET  calls it as MSIL code. ->  Both are platform independent. -> Both support ―Garbage collection‖, which automatically clears the unused memory. ->  Both offer better… Continue Reading Similarities between JAVA and .NET

.NET framework is the software frame work developed by Microsoft. And it came into existence in the year 2000. It provides a large library and Language InterOperability across many programming languages provided by .NET framework. -> It’s not a single language; it‘s a collection of multiple languages and multiple  technologies. That‘s… Continue Reading WHAT IS .NET FRAMEWORK ?

 In Procedural languages like ‘ C ‘ , all the variables and member functions are defined in a main() method and main() method is called for execution. As main() method is a entry point in a programming language.  The procedural Languages don’t provide any security and reusability. Hence, the object… Continue Reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROCEDURAL PROGRAMMING AND OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING

Definition of a Computer Programming Language. It acts as interface (mediator) between the programmer and the system. It offers programmer, some Rules and Regulations for writing the programs. It also offers some Library, which is required for writing the programs. Obviously, the collection of programs is called a “SOFTWARE“. Some of… Continue Reading What is Computer Programming Languaue

WWW : www stands for World Wide Web also called as Web in short. Web is an application at the top of internet provides a way of accessing/sharing information through  the medium Internet. It Supports formatted documents and the documents are formatted in a markup language called HTML (Hyper Text… Continue Reading What is World Wide Web (www) ?

SANDBOX DEFINITION: A  SandBox is a security Mechanism.It is a separate or restricted environment created to run untrusted programs or untested code by the third parties. -> It provides a fully controlled environment which restricts the resources for the programs run in it. -> It is mostly used for testing… Continue Reading WHAT IS SANDBOX IN COMPUTER SECURITY TERMS ??

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MICROSOFT’S .NET AND SUN’S JAVA : .NET : ->It is cost effective ->Supports Language independency, supports multiple languages . ->Offers IDE as Visual Studio by Microsoft. ->Offers easiest and fastest application development, which indirectly reduces the cost of the software. ->Designing the UI is very much easy with… Continue Reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MICROSOFT’S .NET AND SUN’S JAVA

Difference Between Programming Language and Technology: Technology is developed for a particular purpose..For example, For development of web related applications, you have technology called “ASP.NET”. For development of DataBase related applications, we have another technology called “ADO.NET” . But the Technology, doesn’t offer any specific rules for writing the programs. But… Continue Reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE AND TECHNOLOGY

Online compilers are solving many problems that are facing by the programmers while they are working under circumstances like different variety of devices,locations and with a team of several members. They made the programmers easy to work, organize and exchange their code with their other members. With Online compiler a… Continue Reading What is Online Compiler

Often happens, when we are uninstalling any programs/ software in our PC , we uninstall some other software by mistake. In such case, if you want to restore the uninstalled software in your PC or if u want to know the uninstalled software in your PC then, you have to… Continue Reading HOW TO FIND THE UNINSTALLED PROGRAMS / SOFTWARES IN YOUR COMPUTER

original post FeedJit is the Free Live Traffic Feed lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website Click “Real-time View” at the bottom of the Feed to watch your traffic in real-time. Feedjit is the ultimate live view of what is happening on your… Continue Reading How to Add FeedJit Live Visitors For WordPress / Blogger Blog

The .docx extension is for the Ms-Word 2007 File and .doc extension is for the Ms-word 97-2003 or earlier Files. Many Users who are using Ms-word 2007 for the first time, they get confuse about the difference between the .doc and .docx files. Actually when i was using ms-office 2007 for… Continue Reading Difference between .doc and .docx extension files