A number is said to be even if it is divisible by 2.  otherwise odd.

Let us now see an example of a java program to determine whether the given number is an odd or even number.


Step 1: Start.

Step 2:  Read n.

Step 3:  if n%2 == 0, then print n is even.

Step 4: else print n is odd.

Step 5: Stop.

Source code:


In the program, integer entered by the user is stored in variable num.

Then, whether the number is perfectly divisible by 2 or not is checked using modulus operator.

If the number is perfectly divisible by 2, test expression num%2 == 0  evaluates to 1 (true) and the number is even.

However, if the test expression evaluates to 0 (false), the number is odd.


C:\Users\santo\Desktop\new>javac Even.java

C:\Users\santo\Desktop\new>java Even

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Enter number:
9 is odd

Screenshot of output:

Screenshot of output