A number is said to be prime if it is divisible by 1 and itself. otherwise it is composite.


Step 1: START.

Step 2: read the number n.

Step 3: Check the divisibility of the number from 2 to n/2.

Step 4: If number is divisible by any of the numbers above . It isn’t prime.

Step 5 :Else it is prime.

Step 6: STOP.

Source code:


If we want to check whether the given number (num) is a prime or not then divide the number  by 2 and then you will get a value then divide the number (num) with all the numbers less than num/2 if you are not getting zero then it is a prime number

ex: x=23

(num/2)=approx (11)

now divide the number 23 with 2…..upto 11 . If you get zero anywhere then it is not a prime number

But here we won’t get a zero since 23 is a prime number


C:\Users\santo\Desktop\new>javac Prime.java

C:\Users\santo\Desktop\new>java Prime


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Enter the number:
11 is a Prime number

Screenshot of Output:

Screenshot of output