Operating System(O.S) is a software program or a set of programs that provides the medium of communication between user and hardware of the computer and helps the user to perform various tasks on computer. It allows to run applications or programs on it.
-> Operating System is a software and it includes all the fundamental files that needs to bootup and function computer.
It manages all the resources of the computer and it accepts keyboard and mouse inputs from the user and displays the
result. Every desktop,laptop,ipad,smart phones,etc all includes an operating system which provides the basic  functionality to the device.

-> They can communicate with other devices using Network connections.

-> Mostly used desktop O.S are Windows,Linux,Mac Os X. These provides Graphical User Interface(GUI) and ability to manage files and    folders.

-> Mobile devices like tablet,smart phones also includes an O.S and allows to run applications These are specially
designed to allow input from touch screen. Common mobile Operating Systems are ANDROID,IOS,WINDOWS PHONE etc.,

-> The most important characteristics of O.S are Multi Processing, Multi Tasking, Multi User support, built in support for graphics and networks.

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