Many times I came across a scenario, when i was searching on net about any contents, I find many things interesting but I don’t have time to go through that pages. So, I used to save the url links of those sites or web pages for future. we can also bookmark those url links, but many users don’t know about the usage of ¬†bookmarks in a browser. Because, user may use different browsers at different times.

I used to save those links in text files. But the problem is, in text files we cannot find the links quickly, and if we found the links, then every time we have to copy that link address and paste it in the url or address tab in the browser.It is very time taking. The urls in the text file look like this, as in the image below.

We can also save the links in a MS-WORD file, as it supports hyperlink.

But I prefer the best way to save url links is to save those in a MS-EXCEL file.. If u save the links in a ms-excel file, u can easily go through those links any time, by just clicking on the link it directly connect to the appropriate link and open with the default browser. U can save the Links in MS-Excel
File as shown in screen shot below.
And one more thing is, we can write a summary or description about the links as shown in screen shot above. Finding the links in future is also very easy, as MS-EXCEL provides find option.u can press ctrl+F to get the find window, and u can easily find for the links with description. The screenshot below shows u the ms-excel file

with find window.
I think this is the best way, u can save url links in your PC.

-> And if u want to save and access urls from where ever u want, u can signup to the different sites available. In those sites, once if u signup, u can save url links and can use it for future.

some of the sites that provide you Read Web Pages Later Option by simply saving links are :


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