-> Microsoft SQL SERVER is a relational database management system (RDBMS) used to store large amount of data. -> Its is also called as “SEQUEL SERVER”. -> SQL SERVER is a platform dependent,  because it works only in windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7,Windows server 2003 and… Continue Reading MICROSOFT SQL SERVER

Many times I came across a scenario, when i was searching on net about any contents, I find many things interesting but I don’t have time to go through that pages. So, I used to save the url links of those sites or web pages for future. we can also… Continue Reading BEST WAY TO SAVE URL LINKS or WEB ADDRESS ON YOUR PC

Operating System(O.S) is a software program or a set of programs that provides the medium of communication between user and hardware of the computer and helps the user to perform various tasks on computer. It allows to run applications or programs on it.-> Operating System is a software and it… Continue Reading Definition of OPERATING SYSTEM

DEFINITION OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE:-> Application software is a program or it contains a group of programs designed toperform specific user tasks. It is also called as end-user-software. It enables user toperform specific data processing tasks on computer. There are two categories ofapplication software, pre-written software package and user-developed applicationprograms. ->… Continue Reading What is Application Software

DEFINITION OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE: This is designed to facilitate the use of computer. It is responsible for controlling,integrating and managing the individual hardware components of the computer. Operating system , loader, linker etc,. are the examples of System Software. These programs perform standard tasks such as organizing files,scheduling jobs through… Continue Reading WHAT IS SYSTEM SOFTWARE ?

If The application is developed on a machine and can be executed on any other machines irrespective of platform ┬áthen it is called Platform Independent. -> The Applications developed using JAVA and .NET are platform independent. ->The source code of this languages when compiled, get converted into intermediate code (semi-finished),… Continue Reading What is Platform Independent / Platform Independence

A platform is simply a Operating System or it may be a combination of both hardware and software. Platform is a combination of hardware and software to run software applications. Here the architecture of computer is a hardware platform and the the software  running on the hardware/architecture is an Operating… Continue Reading What is PLATFORM (in Computing)