In this article i will explain step by step installation of MVC 4 for VS2010.

If you don’t have VS2010 installed in your system, first you should install Visual Studio 2010.

After Installing VS2010, follow the steps below :

Step 1: Download and Install Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 from the link below.

(Note: Installation requires Internet connection, and be sure that VS2010 is closed to avoid errors)

VS2010 Service pack 1 installation
Step 2: Download and Install MVC 4 for VS2010 SP1 from the link below Shots of Installation :

Asp.Net MVC 4 Installation for vs2010 step1

Asp.Net MVC 4 Installation for vs2010 step2

Asp.Net MVC 4 Installation for visual studio 2010 

After Installing MVC 4, open your visual studio and you can see Asp.Net MVC 4 Web Application Template as shown in the figure below.
Asp.Net MVC 4 Installation for Visual Studio

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