‘C’ Language was written  by  ‘Dennis Ritchie’ in early 1970’s at AT & T  BELL Laboratories, USA.
The basic idea behind the development of ‘C’ is to develop UNIX  Operating System. In 1970’s it is used only in BELL LABS and later the programmers began to use ‘C’ for writing their programs and hence in 1983, the AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE (ANSI) established a standard for ‘C’ for its global acceptance. Then ‘C’ bagan to replace all the existing languages of that time like ALGOL,PL/I, etc,..
The whole Story started with the ‘Common Programming Language (CPL)’ . ‘Martin Richards’ at the university of Cambridge turned CPL into ‘Basic Programming Language(BCPL)’. Later ‘Ken Thompson’ at BELL LABS wrote a language followed by BCPL and called it as ‘B’. and ‘C’ is a successor of B and hence it is named as ‘C’.