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Many of the bloggers don’t know how to post  code in their blogs. They think it is a big task, only experts can do. when i was a beginner in blogging i too thought in the same way. But finally i found out the very simple, and easy way to post source code on blogger.

We have many websites that are providing syntax highlighting . Some of them are

1) http://quickhighlighter.com

2)  http://markup.su

3) http://tohtml.com

4) www.blogtrog.com

just go for any one of  those sites and paste your sourcecode in the space/box provided in those sites and click on Highlight. Then the syntax highlighed code is generated. you can juct copy the highlighted code and directly paste in your post on blogger, in “Compose” of a post.

Or otherwise you can copy the html code generated by those sites and paste in the blogger post in “HTML”,option between the code.

<div dir=”ltr” style=”text-align: left;” trbidi=”on”>

//here,paste the html code generated by the syntax highlighting websites


Another website you want to know is http://ideone.com/ is  online compiler , as well as it works as a syntax highlighter. It does not generate any html code. It runs your code online (without having compiler installed on your pc). When we submit code on ide-one to run, it runs/compiles the code and generates the highlighted source code. You can simply copy the syntax highlighted code , and directly paste in your blogger post “Compose” window. For sample look, of the highlighted code generated by ide-one , you can see on my blogger www.cprogramsblog.blogspot.com .


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